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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Aug 19, 2019

Talking to artists is a treat. It takes a certain kind of person to bet on themselves and say, "I'm going to be an artist." Especially when the generation before us was dominated with a sense of "practicality" and "sensibility" - ie. Getting a "real" job.


After my interview with Mark Copino, better known as the artist called Kidlat, I got a real sense of what it is like to be a working artist. He was in the middle of preparing for his upcoming show and I was lucky enough to steal time with him in between production hours. I've been a fan of his minimalist stencil style and I was happy to finally talk to him.


In this episode, we talked about the good from those struggling years as an artist, his early attempts at art, the beginnings of the Cebu street art movement, finding ideas from the mundane, and how family has impacted his art.


Enjoy the episode!





Michael Anthony Curan (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee

Turning Wheels

Ivan Zaldarriaga

Ubec Crew



Khriss Bajade

Wyndelle Remonde (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Bart Bros. (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Sal's Kitchen


Qube Gallery

Vinyl on Vinyl



Where can you find Kidlat?



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Coming up in Qube - KDLT. His works have been archival in nature, believing that in order to elevate people’s consciousness, mundane things and happenings around should be given high regard. His works delved much on Elias as his subject, by which he likened himself and retrospectively find parallelism and similarities in his growing up years. To date, Mundane Rituals pushes further the story of his son and that of his to own to what resembles and celebrates the familiarity of the common and ordinary experiences others have imbibed and practiced. It is the universality of those mundane activities that bind and connects him as one with the people, with every breathing and moving individual. Save the date for the opening reception of Kdlt’s ‘Mundane Rituals’ on August 23, 6:00 PM, at Qube Gallery.


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