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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

May 18, 2020

It's clear that one of the industries that will need to evolve immediately is food. So much about how we enjoy this industry falls directly against the social distancing mandate. Restaurants/cafes/bars/etc. tend to encourage people to crowd in small spaces. What can businesses in the food industry do to evolve in this new normal?


I talked to Meyan Lim Young, Creator and Managing Director of Bubble Tea Station and Cebu Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2019. Considering the width of her business, she gave the many challenges of the new normal some thought. Her perspective proved valuable and helped set expectations while we don't have treatment or a vaccine yet for the virus.


In this episode, we talked about what to consider in the new normal, what to keep in mind for delivery services, financially surviving the pandemic, and milk tea vs the yogurt craze.


Enjoy the podcast.





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Where can people get Bubbletea  Station?

Order Bubbletea Station from Foodpanda or Grabfood

For takeout orders, visit Bubbletea Station in JY Square Lahug


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Piano March by Audionautix

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