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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

May 11, 2020

One possible future brought about by this pandemic is a future of unemployment. It's a possible reality that no one wants to hear, but it's a very real thing for some people at this very moment. As a society, we should start thinking about the different measures to make sure these people have a semblance of normalcy. Part of that normalcy is making sure they eat.


Fortunately, I found the opportunity to talk to the face of The Rice Movement, Albert Padin, also the co-founder & CTO of Symph. The Rice Movement started as an initiative to help Filipinos survive as they stay home during lockdown, but it became clear that this need will continue well after lockdown. When industries will be forced to change, that change has many consequences.


In this episode, we talked about the reasons for unemployment, the need to feed people, the need to rethink the structure of our system, and how that restructuring can hopefully give people more jobs.







Mozart Reina and Mark Cortes (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)


Jude Gitamondoc (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Dasig Bisaya


Where can you find The Rice Movement?


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