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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Jun 4, 2018

Recording a podcast is a funny thing. On the one hand, it's an artificial environment, when I hang with my friends, we're usually not talking to a microphone. On the other hand, a podcast allows the conversation to focus on what's important. For some reason, moments that may have never been said before bubble out.


This is what it felt like when I interviewed my really good friend Mark "Mcoy" Cortes. He is the founder of the band Rescue A Hero and an early pioneer of skate in Cebu. I've spent countless hours hanging out and making music with the dude, but this conversation still surprised me as he shared what he has been going through over the years. For those of you who know Mcoy, it won't surprise you to know that this episode is full of interesting stories.


The years we played in Rescue A Hero was one of the most fun periods of my life. Sadly, real life eventually took over and we've been in hiatus since 2012. But one day, we'll be back.


In this episode, we talk about the beginnings of Rescue A Hero, his experience in the various skate scenes, what it is like starting a band, and playing music in New Zealand.


Enjoy the episode.



Rescue A Hero Spotify

Bear Science

Fonzy interview

Cattski interview

Chad Manzo interview

Kaloy Uypuanco interview

Carlo Rodriguez interview

The Outpost

Jeremie Lim

Jason Almendras

Room Eleven

Magic the Gathering


Heroes of Might and Magic



Discovery Weekend

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

Bruno Mars - Marry Me



Daniel Johns

Kurt Cobain

Backyard Project Studio

Brian Sacro

Ate Shak

The King's Arms

Don't Be So Sad

Struggle for Radical Action (SRA)

The Train by Bear Science

Edel Castaneda


Nicolo Manreal


Paopao Sanchez

Butch "Boots" Brandon

Redeemed Tattoo


Honeydrop cover of Mandaue Nights

Karl Lucente

Mandaue Nights

Vincent Eco

Bright Eyes

Joe Rogan

The Church of What's Happening by Joey Diaz

Bumbo Pluto Ova




Where can people find Mcoy?



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Music is Piano March by Audionautix