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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

May 14, 2018

The secret benefit of hosting a podcast is having the opportunity to learn from another person's experience. One on one conversations with passionate accomplished individuals are rare. Fortunately, Zerothreetwo Conversations is an excuse for me to sit down and have these conversations. There's so much to learn and I've been lucky to have guests who are generous in sharing their experiences. 

This conversation with Franz Deadways was no exception. His experience running clothing brands Product of Uranus and Deadways is invaluable to small business owners in Cebu. The work ethic and passion needed to thrive is something any small business owner should remember, but is usually forgotten at the first sign of adversity. There's a reason why most people lose interest in their startup after a few months. It takes years of hardwork, and true enjoyment of what you are doing to have longevity, especially in the risky business of running a lifestyle brand.

In this conversation with Franz Deadways, we talk about how his brands started, how he approaches product development, how he markets his brand, how much he is willing to go through to get the right product, and what it is like to run a lifestyle brand. 

Enjoy the podcast!

Franz "Deadways" Villanueva is the founder and creative director of a Cebu-based independent lifestyle brand Deadways, as well as the owner of the recently opened lifestyle store, Pacific Originals. He started in the clothing business back in 2009 with the wildly successful graphic tee line, Product of Uranus (POU), garnering popularity not only in Cebu but all over the country. In 2013, he decided to start another brand to accommodate some of his designs that he felt were not a fit for POU, which then birthed Deadways. He then shifted his focus from Product of Uranus to his new brand and he was rewarded for it. With many fans in Manila, he started distribution in two of Manila's best lifestyle stores, Calle (Pasig) and Suez and Zapote (Makati). Since starting Deadways, he has been featured in a few online publications such as Purveyr, Clavel Magazine, and Working Class. Last year, he reached another milestone by opening a brick and mortar lifestyle store called Pacific Originals. It's the flagship store for Deadways which also carries a curated selection of brands such as Daily Grind (Manila) and Revere (Davao). Franz entire focus is on developing his brand and works full time with Deadways and Pacific Originals. He believes in working hard to reach his vision of one day reaching the same success as footwear and lifestyle brand, Vans. His passion shows not only in his work ethic but also in his designs. He also loves coffee and the occasional ride around the city on his fixed-gear bike.


Chad Manzo Zerothreetwo Conversations episode

Jamis Beatnik

Fixed Gear

Avelino "Ave" Maldea - frame maker


Suez and Zapote

Ivan Zaldarriaga

Rye Kido - fixed gear shop

Product of Uranus

Johnny Cupcakes

Nick Automatic

Venom III Clothing



Pacific Originals


Vans Warped Tour

Benny Gold


Chrome Industries



The Craziest Thing I Did

Karl Lucente

Chad Manzo 


The Daily Grind

The Working Class video of Franz Deadways

Jake Maningo

Bobby Hundreds

The Hundreds


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