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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Jun 18, 2018

Skateboarding is a subculture that I've admired from afar. When I was in high school, there were only a handful of kids who skated. Today is a different story. You see skaters all over the streets of Cebu. They are everywhere, and it's a good thing. There's so much a young kid can learn from a subculture that teaches patience and perseverance. Two important traits in life after skate.


This conversation is with Edel Tribiana. He found that he loved the sport, the culture, and the people, and spent most of his waking hours on his board. Eventually he became good enough to be a sponsored rider, and from his experience skating for other brands, he decided he could do it on his own. The result is the premier skate brand in Cebu called Strap.


In this episode, Edel talks about the beginnings of skateboarding in Cebu, his own early experiences as a skater, the early days of Strap, the possibilities of a skate park, the Manny Pacquiao story of Margielyn Arda Didal, and the many opportunities afforded by skateboarding.


Enjoy the episode!



Margielyn Arda Didal

Street League Skateboarding

New Balance Numeric Asia

Volcom Asia

Anthony Claraval

Mark Cortes (Zerothreetwo Conversations with Mark)

Draft Punk


Tatam Bangin

Josh Salvacion

Cliff Rigor

Mckinley Jakosalem

Kilko Tabar


Jeff Gonzales

Concave Skatepark

Boots Brandon

Redeemed Tattoo

February Clothing

Rescue A Hero (Zerothreetwo Conversations with RAH)

Angelica Panganiban

The Assembly Bazaar - Mercado Central


Gnarly Barney

Franz Deadways (Zerothreetwo Conversations with Franz)

Edel skating for February Clothing Unite Video

Jeremie Lim

Hongkong, Cebu City Tee

Victoria (Hongkong brand)

Dani Bautista

Tagad "Skateboarding sa Cebu"

Fake Friends

Mellow Camper

Grocery Worldwide

Nick Automatic (Zerothreetwo article)

Nicolo Nimor

Chad Manzo


Product of Uranus

Qila Klips

Lacey Baker

Leticia Bufoni


Where can you find Strap?


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