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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Apr 9, 2018

Learning a craft is a difficult thing to do. Back when I was first learning photography, I brought a camera with me wherever I went. I took photos of everything from my family to the leaves outside our house. Fortunately, my subjects started becoming more interesting when I found myself in downtown on a regular basis because of work. It allowed me the opportunity to walk those streets and practice with my camera.   

Stories of learning a craft are so important.   

That's why I was thrilled when Rae Cabradilla said yes to a recorded conversation. She is one of the most talented photographers I know and is part of one of the best wedding photography groups in the Philippines, Rainbowfish. We talked about how she started her journey in photography, how her style has changed over the years, how she started working as a photographer, and what she does when she needs inspiration.   

One of the challenges of recording a podcast about a visual medium like photography is the lack of actual photos. With that in mind, I made sure to include some of the photos in the shownotes. We have photos and links to many of the photographers we talked about. Definitely an episode that includes a little visual entertainment.

Enjoy the podcast.    


This Is How We Do It in Cebu

Blackbird by The Beatles

Princess of Violins

Canon S90

Unforgotten Love (photo with ghost and girlfriend)

Brooke Shaden

Shaira Luna 

Hanz Florentino


Rae interview with Zerothreetwo

Steph and Carlo wedding

Art Flavor Photography

Camille Co

Mango Red


Nicolo Manreal

Matet Spagnolo  


FIND Rae Cabradilla, Rainbowfish and Art Flavor Photography  

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