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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Oct 8, 2018

It's funny. This is the second time in the short history of the Zerothreetwo Conversations podcast that spaghetti was used as a metaphor for art. I don't want to spoil it, so I'm not going to explain what spaghetti means, but I'll tell you this, there are times when more spaghetti is not enough.


Karl Lucente is one of the members of Mandaue Nights, but long before the birth of the group, Karl had his fingers dipped in the local music scene for years. His video work under Southernlads Productions helped many local bands. Then eventually he found his own way into music through Honeydrop and Hey! It's Your Birthday before eventually falling into Mandaue Nights.


In this episode of the podcast, we talk about Karl's early start into the music scene, his approach when it comes to music, the branding/business side of being an artist today, and his many music projects.


Enjoy the episode.



Joe Rogan interviews Elon Musk

Kurt Fick (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)


Christian Linaban (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Ara Chawdhury

Southernlads Productions


Hey! It's Your Birthday



Junior Kilat

Foc Fashion

Under Cover Grasshoppers

Rescue a Hero (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)


Tiger Pussy


Trauma by Shuffled


GrrrDog by Honeydrop

Forever Blue by Honeydrop

Cattski (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Jud Sala

Jeriel Laraño


Maria Campbell

Nick Automatic

Gino Rosales

Tarzan Boy by Baltimora

Swiss Boy by Lou Sern


Eskina Jones


Ron Gagamboy

Nikko Tan 

Kim Trinidad

You and I by Mandaue Nights


Drop Decay

Sheila and the Insects

Pretty Loser by Sheila and the Insects

First Kiss by Mandaue Nights

Jerika Teodorico

Jude Gitamondoc

Samantha Solidum

The Pervs

22 Tango Records


Above the Line

Danielle Aballe - de los Reyes

Remton Zuasola

Eva M.

Insoy Ninal

Principal by Missing Filemon



Boy Elroy

Rappler - Mandaue Nights teaches Bisaya

Vincent Eco (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Bomba Press

Dexter Sy

Sound Balloon


Mary Anchit

Reg Rubio


IV of Spades

Bruno Mars


Sepia Times

School Girl Classic

Luigi Balazo (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Ang Bandang Shirley

Elisha Ang

The XX



Ian Intong

Karina Cuizon

Siamese Rat

Happy Garaje (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Haven't Got You by School Girl Classic

School Girl Classic twitter

School Girl Classic Instagram



Where can people find Karl Lucente?

Mandaue Nights


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