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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Oct 15, 2018

In one way or another, we all enjoy art. Imagine what it would be like if you didn't have music in your commute, shows to watch after work, paintings to hang on your walls, or storytellers speaking the truth. Spoken word poetry and rap can be put into the category of craft that I know very little about. Which is why recording a podcast about it was the best way to dip my toes in this art form.


Fortunately, I had a chance to meet JP Arias. One day, we received a message on the Zerothreetwo Facebook page. He was asking if we were interested in sponsoring merchandise for a budding spoken word and rap artist. Here's a little secret - we are very willing to sponsor merchandise to people doing creative interesting things. A quick Google search of JP Arias showed his involvement in the rap scene as well as spoken word. One year later, he's showed up in a rap battle, tons of gigs doing spoken word, started a spoken word poetry group called Kasikas, and performed in the recent Bisaya Music Festival. He's been busy!


When he showed up to the interview, he brought his Kasikas cofounder, Raj Jumao-as. Together, they showed me the bigger world of spoken word and rap battles, but more than that, they spoke about the different ways to approach their art. There's so much you can learn from listening to the creative process of other artists in different crafts, this episode is no different as we delve into the specifics.


Enjoy the episode!



Almost Poets Society

Zara Nemo

Louise Ouano



Juan Miguel Severo


The Stray Poets

Magda by Gloc 9

Lando by Gloc 9

Larry Ypil (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

The Highest Hiding Place

Bathalad Sugbo

Women In Literary Arts (WILA)



Binisaya Film Festival

Karl Lucente (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Kurt Fick (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

8 Mile


JP vs El Renz



Button Poetry

Sarah and Phil Kaye

Harry Baker

World Poetry Slam

Ruby Ibarra


Cebu Litfest

Zoom H5

Bahay Katay


Cebu Rap Battle League

Raprakan Rap Battle league




Where can you find JP Arias and Raj Jumao-as?


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