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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Jul 16, 2018

The online marketing industry in Cebu is still new. When we started Zerothreetwo, we wanted to create revenue through sponsored posts and banner ads. In 2011, that was a tough sell. In 2018, plenty of local companies are advertising online. But how do these ads get made? What is it like working in a creative agency?

Jude Crisostomo is the perfect person to ask about this world. Not only does he have years of marketing experience, he knows what it is like on the client side through his experience with his clothing brand, Strawberry Clothing. He is part of a very talented group of people in White Brick Creative Studio.

In this episode with Jude, we talk about his start in music, his clothing brand and how the experience informed his agency work, the beginnings of White Brick, the makeup of their creative agency, and finding and dealing with clients.

Enjoy the podcast!


Carla Adlawan (Zerothreetwo Conversations Episode)

Strawberry Clothing

Rescue A Hero

Mercado Central


Pelican Street



Perci – bass



Monster Radio

Rain – single for Pelican Street

1032 Studio

Jad Bantug

Paulo Varela

Struggle for Radical Action (SRA)

Harakiri Mosh

Ate Shak


Design by Humans

Edwin Alba

Jude Crisostomo Rainbowfish wedding photos


Uzi Emperado

Mcoy Rosales

Doyle See


Kaloy Uypuanco

Pat Maluya


Turtle’s Nest


Danielle Aballe

Trixie Maraya-Ouano

Steph Tudtud

Alexa Crisostomo

Chase Jarvis


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