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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Feb 11, 2019

Making a movie is one of those creative fields that require so much. You need an incredible amount of talented people to make a two hour piece of entertainment. So many things have to go right, so much coordination needed with production, plenty of logistical challenges, even financial considerations need to be looked at and we haven't even talked about the art portion of creating a movie yet. It really is one of those disciplines that requires you to know a little about everything.


This was most apparent with my talk with Victor Villanueva. He was the director of the hit movie Patay na si Hesus. I knew conceptually that creating a movie was no small feat, but you don't truly understand it till you find yourself in the middle of one. Since I am unlikely to be working in movies anytime soon, I'll settle for the stories that Victor provided.


He shared so much trivia about Patay na si Hesus; that wasn't the original title, there was an extra character that was axed, there was controversy in the beginning that could have possibly derailed the movie, etc. But before his success with Patay na si Hesus, Victor had a strange way of getting into the movie industry. He made a wedding prenup wedding video.


All these stories and more.

Enjoy the episode!


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