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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

May 1, 2018

Apart from the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, the podcast allows for a reason to talk to up and coming creatives. In particular, I've always had an interest in music artists. After all, that's the genre I am most familiar with. Unfortunately, life happens. Which means I've spent less and less time in the local music scene. In the years since the hiatus of my band, Rescue a Hero, a new breed of music artists have taken over the Cebu music scene.  

You know you are old when you don't even know what to call the genre of music being played. With that in mind, I'm happy to have been able to talk to Tony Alfonso a.k.a. Fonzy about what it is like being a music artist in Cebu 2018. After my conversation with Fonzy, it made me want to explore the local music scene even more. One of these days, the wife and I are going to watch a gig or two. It should be fun.  

With Fonzy, we talked about the tools he uses to make music, the state of the Cebu music scene, he used the term "woke" (another term I never see myself using because I'm too old), and who of the new breed of artists we should be looking out for. With any luck, I'll be interviewing a few of them for Zerothreetwo Conversations in the future.  

Enjoy the podcast!    


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