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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Nov 5, 2018

I have friends and relatives who have a favorite barber and don't allow anyone else to touch their hair, but I was never that way. So as I was preparing for this interview, I realized that I only know one barber. In a way, he's one of the few who has been able to cultivate a personal brand and make an impact to our city.

To my eyes, Willow Hoods is the genesis of a new type of haircut in Cebu. He didn't discover it, but he found out about it, noticed that no one was offering that kind of style, and decided to bring that look to Cebu. The Fade Haircut found its way into the every day lives of Cebuanos. It's not often that someone is able to make a mark through a haircut. With that in mind, I wanted to talk to him and finally meet him for the first time.

In this episode, we talked about his journey to cutting hair, how music has influenced his life, and the ins and outs of running a business like TUF and The Good Neighborhood.

Enjoy this episode!



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Where to find Willow Hoods?



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