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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Sep 10, 2019

The beauty about working today is that there are so many options available to you. You can be a photographer, a videographer, a graphic artist, a virtual assistant, a coder, or a combination of these things. It's not uncommon to find people doing all sorts of freelancing jobs. There are many benefits to these jobs, but there are also things to look out for.


This was something I was curious about when talking to Ezekiel Sullano. He's one of those people who has been freelancing for a few years, and he is hustling hard. His main thing was photography and videography, but along the way he found himself working as an indoor cycling instructor which according to him was the furthest thing he imagined himself doing. So it was fun to talk about that journey with him.


He also recently started a show called In Your Element. It's good and worth watching. I especially like the featurettes like the Tattoo Tours, the Neighborhood Series, the Quick Sketches, etc.


In this episode, we talked about the HUSTLE and meeting new people, working as a photographer and videographer, how he became an indoor cycling instructor, and how he balances all that out with the rest of his work, and In Your Element.






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Where can you find Zeke?


This episode is brought to you by Qube Gallery, a progressive art space in Cebu, Philippines providing network and exhibit opportunities for contemporary artists with whom they work closely with and promote beyond the local reach. For more than five years, the gallery has mounted shows of engaging artworks and has also represented the Visayas region in various international fairs.  

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While Lean paints a fictitious world inhabited by beasts and bizarre characters, they are autobiographic and metaphorical accounts of his introspections. Pop surrealism, the core of Lean’s technique, becomes the perfect conduit for Myriad’s intention: to explore the in-betweens of the spectrum - the multiplicities and diverse possibilities engraved within us, choices and contingencies, and inner conflicts and dilemmas, that inevitably shape who we are. 


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