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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Aug 6, 2018

This podcast is an exercise of getting out of my comfort zone. From asking accomplished guests to be in an episode to trying to create an interesting conversation to realizing we have nothing in common in the middle of the interview, this episode is no different


Lawrence "Larry" Ypil is an accomplished writer and poet. His first book of poems, The Highest Hiding Place was given the Madrigal Gonzalez Best First Book Award (2011). His work has received The Academy of American Poets Prize, the Philippines Free Press Awards, and the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards among others.


Let's talk about the discomfort about the interview. I know nothing about poetry. The first time I read poetry was when I was trying to prepare for this interview. Second discomfort, we did the interview on stage in front of a live Cebu LitFest audience. All of my conversations beforehand have been in closed doors, intimate settings, just two people having a conversation.


Fortunately, Larry was a joy to interview. The conversation sparked discussions about fostering creativity, expressing honesty through art, and finding powerful imagery in the mundane.


Enjoy the podcast!



Hendri Go

Cebu Literary Festival


My haul from Cebu Litfest

Happy Garaje

Kat Layno

Carlo Rodriguez (Lilila Primitive Art)

Phyl Villarino

The Highest Hiding Place

Paradise Village: Sketches

Walt Whitman

Emily Dickinson

William Carlos Williams

Gaudy Boy Poetry finalist

Cha: Asian Literary Journal

Sylvia Plath

Merlie Alunan


Where can you find Lawrence Ypil?


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