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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Dec 17, 2018

We've worked with our fair share of artists and designers. More often than not, we've had great experiences with the talented creatives in Cebu. But problems arise when we don't know if the project needs a designer or an artist. Sometimes the creative comes up with something that totally misses the mark, sometimes we aren't clear with what we want, and in those cases, the project tends to flounder.

So it was a good subject to talk about with Bry Onglatco. He's a freelance graphic designer in both logo design/branding and anything print design related, but I know him more for his personal work. He has printed a few comic books. Notably a comic called Heathen Humor and iMBry, but many of his best work is simply posted on Instagram.

In this podcast, we talk about the scarcity mindset, mastering your tools, the freelance life, how to find a routine to create art, and the tools of his craft.

Enjoy the podcast!



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Where can you find Bry?


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