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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Jul 2, 2018

This is part two of the Spark Fest Cebu conference episode. If you haven't listened to part one (What I learned about Failure, Loneliness, and Red Lizard), you can listen to it right after this one. There's no need to listen in chronological order to get value out of this episode.


As mentioned in the previous post, Spark Fest Cebu is an opportunity to spend time with people you can learn from. In this episode, you'll hear from the likes of Ara Chawdhury, Jude Gitamondoc, Monica Villarica, Cecilia Martinez-Miranda, Cattski, Lynn Pinugu, Mel Yan, Cham Lopez, and Carlo Delantar.


There was so much packed in that one conference that I decided to make two parts for the Spark Fest Cebu episode of Zerothreetwo Conversations.


In this episode, we get into the weeds about the idea of a professional artist, the challenges of Vispop, the importance of collaborations, and finding your why.


Enjoy the podcast! 



Spark Fest Cebu Zerothreetwo Conversations Part 1

Spark Fest Cebu

Ara Chawdhury

Miss Bulalacao


Jude Gitamondoc


Monica Villarica

Ballet Philippines

The Ailey School

Cecilia Martinez-Miranda

Create Cebu

The Spark Project

Hahaha Hasula Serye


Binisaya (film festival)

Wonggoys - Wa'y Blema

Vincent Eco

Vincent Eco - I Know You Do (Music video collab with Monica Villarica)

Cattski (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

Grow Cebu Music

Lynn Pinugu

Mano Amiga Philippines

Mel Yan

Barangay Impact Management - KATON

She Talks

Cham Lopez

Anthill Fabric Gallery (Zerothreetwo feature)

Carlo Delantar


Mayad Studios

Masters of Scale

How I Built This



Music is Piano March by Audionautix.