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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

May 27, 2019

I decided to take up photography in my mid twenties. Late learner, but I'm glad I took it up. When I got my first camera, I roamed our house looking for interesting subjects to shoot. Eventually I got bored and looked online. I gravitated towards street photography. I read as much as I could, but more importantly, I took to the streets.


I may not go to the streets to take photos anymore, but I still have my love for the craft. When I discovered Michael Chitru Credo, @streets_of_cebu, I made sure to follow. His love for the craft showed in his photos. These weren't random photos of strangers, there was real thought and craft in each photograph. Also his prolific nature made for new photos almost every day.


Because of the podcast, I was happy to meet Michael Chitru and have an honest to goodness geek out on street photography. We talked about how he got his start in street photography, possible projects in the future, what's it like to walk around downtown, and more.


Enjoy the podcast!



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Where can you find Chitru?



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