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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Jan 14, 2019

Most musicians know a guy who happens to be part of a million bands. With the utmost respect, I call them a band whore. When a musician plants himself in multiple musical situations, performs like a pro, and is able to do it over and over again, they have very high musical chops. Not many people can do that comfortably and much less thrive.

With that said, that's how I got to know J Martino "Bobbidee" Olvido. Usually when I interview a musician, it becomes clear quickly what music group I should attach them to. With Bobbi, this was not so easy. Here's an incomplete list of his bands; Sunday Sunday, Snubear, Foc Fashion, The Spirals, Kids Acting Cool, Soda Can Genie, Red Twin Motel, and his newest and current focus Kubra Commander. It was fun to talk to a guy who genuinely loves music, and doesn't care about all the other trappings of being a musician. When I get a chance to talk to someone like that, I take it. Oh and he talks about meeting one of his heroes, Raimund Marasigan, by the urinal. It was a fun story.

In this episode, we talk about what it is like to be part of so many bands, the state of the Cebu music scene, the recording process, and about meeting your heroes.

Enjoy the episode!



Escape Artist


Draft Punk

Mac Resto Bar


The Family is Under Attack

Cortz Cortez (Zerothreetwo Conversations Episode)

Jeremie Lim

Shak Mancao (Zerothreetwo Conversations Episode)

Rescue a Hero (Zerothreetwo Conversations Episode)

Foc Fashion

Sunday Sunday

Harakiri Mosh

Bombo Pluto Ova

Mark Cortes (Zerothreetwo Conversations Episode)

IV of Spades


Barbie's Cradle

Ira Cruz

Raimund Marasigan


The Spirals

Bohemian Rhapsody

Andrew Bird

Dirty Jones

Jeremy Rigodon

Austin Kleon - Steal Like an Artist

Jason Almendras

Bear Science

Paolo Olvido

Teach Me How To Daddy


Pearl Jam



Limp Bizkit



Basement Lung

Mong Alcaraz


Jerros Dolino

Kevin Parker

Tame Impala

Backyard Studios

The Black Keys

Paolo dela Victoria

Mark Sy - Foc Fashion

The Outpost



22 Tango Records

Bomba Press - Melt Records

Karl Lucente (Zerothreetwo Conversations Episode)


Undercover Grasshoppers

Vincent Eco (Zerothreetwo Conversations Episode)

Chito Miranda




Where can you find him?


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