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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Apr 23, 2018

If listening to podcasts is a bright new world for you, then this episode is right up your alley. After eight episodes of Zerothreetwo Conversations, we're happy to see the number of listeners growing. But with that said, there's a whole galaxy of podcasts to listen to, allow us to recommend a few.  

The strength of podcasts is the ability to listen while doing something else. It will make commuting much more bearable, cooking slightly less lonely and mundane ordinary tasks like inputting numbers on a spreadsheet more interesting. It's not an activity you focus all your attention to. It's you do while doing something else.   

But if you are lucky, you might be listening to an episode that sucks you in and compels you not to turn it off. There have been a few times when I reached my destination, but stayed an extra five minutes inside the car just to finish listening to an episode. A good podcast can do that to you. When I first got started listening to podcasts, I couldn't get enough and subscribed to a whole slew of shows. Podcasts can be entertaining, mind altering, and eye opening. If you have a topic of interest, there's likely a podcast for it.   

Which is one of the reasons why I started a podcast under Zerothreetwo, it's about time Cebu was represented in the podcast world in one way or another. As you know, we're more than willing to carry that baton.   

That said, there are a ton of podcasts worth listening to. If you'd like to know what I listen to on a regular basis, listen to this episode. Who knows? You might discover a slew of other podcasts, and after a few thousand hours of listening, you might even be compelled to start your own.  

Enjoy the show!    


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