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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

Dec 2, 2019

"It's not what you do during your 9-5. It's what you do during your 5-9."


I'm not sure where I heard this, but it resonates with me because it made me realize that you can still do what you love despite having to do other things. There are ways around balancing a full time job and your passion.


This balance is...

Nov 25, 2019

Traditional schools have been using the same system for a hundred years. There was a good reason to do it back then, but that system is outdated and worse yet damaging to the children of today.


This is particularly important to me because I have two young boys. Frankly, as a parent, I don't know what to do. As much...

Nov 18, 2019

As is typical with most conversations, topics bounce around and have nothing to do with each other. This is what we try to do with the podcast. Talk without any agenda and with the intention to connect with another human being in a real way.


That's why I really enjoyed this interview with Dexter Sy....

Nov 11, 2019

Lacking in Cebu are businesses that are true partners with a community. A lot of businesses are run like hardware stores. They put wares on the shelves, wait for people to come in, and sell them stuff. That's it. No community building, no partnerships, no sense of giving back. Nothing against hardware stores, I'm just...

Nov 4, 2019

Have you ever looked at artwork and asked yourself, "Where does this come from?" The same thing can be said for all the pop culture characters that you know and love. Sometimes the answer is complicated, but other times, it's as simple as hanging out with friends over a few drinks.


When I first spoke with Thom...